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DC-DC regulators used to power both CarPCs and well as CarMacs (Mac mini)
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DC-Powered 4-Port USB Hub CNX-P5USB (12v and 24v systems)
DC-Powered 4-Port USB Hub CNX-P5USB (12v and 24v systems)
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The P5USB can be used in either a +12V or +24V automotive environment. It will operate down to 7V (survives engine cranking) and can withstand voltage transients typically found in a harsh automotive environment.
Carnetix CNX-P1900 Ver. 2.2 Dual Output 140 Watt 12V DC-DC Regulator
CarNetix CNX-P1900 Ver. 2.2 Dual Output 140 Watt 12V DC-DC Regulator
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The CNX-P1900 provides two outputs. The primary output is jumper selectable for 18V, 19V, or 20V operation and can provide up to 6.32 amps (125 Watts @ 20V ). The secondary output is jumper selectable to provide either +12V to power your LCD screen (or 13.5V or experimental purposes), or +5V to power USB devices (such as the Audigy 2NX sound USB sound card) with up to 3 amps (15 Watts). The P1900 can accept battery input as low as 7 volts under full load (140 watts) during cranking while providing a well-regulated output to ensure the stability of your CarPC.
DSX12VD 140W DC-DC Regulator
DSX12VD 140W DC-DC Regulator
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The DSX12VD is the deluxe version of the DSX12V. It is a 140 Watt DC-DC regulator that takes an input of 12 volts (8-16) and converts it to 12 volts out at 12 Amps. Includes an intelligent startup/shutdown controller as well as undercurrent/overcurrent and temperature protection.
CNX-P5V 15 Watt +5V Regulator
Carnetix CNX-P5V 15 Watt +5V Regulator
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Upgrade your P1900 to include a 3RD regulated (+5V) output OR it can also be used as a stand-alone +5V/15 Watt Point Of Load (POL) supply
M4-ATX USB Cable  3'
M4-ATX USB Cable 3'
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M4-ATX USB Link cable for using Ituner/mini-box USB software

2.5' USB A Male to Male
6" M4-ATX pin header (GND, D+, D-, VCC) to USB A female
CarNetix CNX-PJ-Kit Programming kit
CarNetix CNX-PJ-Kit Programming kit
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Primary output voltage programming jumper kit for the P2140. It will allow you to change the primary output to +13V, +14V, +15V, +16V or +17V.