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  MP3Car G4 powered by StreetDeck - Double Din Car Computer
MP3Car G4  powered by StreetDeck
THE G4 IS FINALLY HERE! Introducing the industry revolutionizing G4! The G4 is a double-DIN sized, all-in-one multi-media computer system that uses a 40GB hard drive, to deliver a new world of entertainment, information, and convenience to all.

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The G4 is a double-DIN sized, all-in-one multi-media computer system that uses a 40GB hard disk drive (HDD upgrade to 250GB) , to deliver entertainment, information, and convenience to users. The large-capacity HDD stores the Microsoft MapPoint database, including Internet based lookup for unlimited POI�s. The large 6.5-inch screen shows a high-resolution map with easy-to-recognize icons, and touchscreen operation makes quick access to navigation functions and audio-visual sources. The complete G4 system makes driving safer and more exciting with the following advanced functions:

HDD Music Library
The G4 can use up to 250GB of HDD for a music and video library. You can store 62,500 songs on your 250GB Hard Drive. Infill's automotive hard drive is designed to resist vibration and deliver stable performance to the user.

USBFront and Rear USB Ports
A front-panel USB input makes it easy to pair up your digital music collection. It will will even charge the battery in your compatible MP3 player or Cell phone while it's connected. Any Supported USB device will 

BluetoothBluetooth Phone Control
Get the available Streetdeck Bluetooth Adapter, and use the G4 with compatible Bluetooth cellular phones for easy, safe, and hands-free operation, including talking via the headunit's microphone and your vehicle's speaker system. The system automatically mutes any other audio during incoming or outgoing calls. You can store the phone book, and then access it by the touch screen display. *Optional Bluetooth adapter required

The G4 is designed for a perfect fit in many vehicles that use a "double-DIN standard". The system fits seamlessly into the dashboard, providing a fit that looks like it just rolled off the lot. The front panel is motorized to provide access to the hidden disc slot. For the optimum viewing angle simply press the screen and hold. Buttons for volume and power are positioned for easy operation.

TouchscreenTouch Screen

Streetdeck�s navigation system is simple and easy. Simply draw a letter on the screen or Just touch large, bright icons on the screen to navigate menus. An easy to read status indicator provides current location information, turn distances. With the use of Acapela Voices and Streetdeck gesturing you will never need to take your eyes off the road.

CD-RWDVDAudio Entertainment System
The G4 is a full-featured audio entertainment system. The built-in DVD/CD player allows you to play either DVD Video, or play CD's with Audio or MP3 files. Listen to AM/FM radio. Your music comes alive with power (44W x 4Ch) and sound performance.

Graphical OBD-II Engine Diagnostics
With the help of the optional OBD-II scanner the G4 can connect directly to your car and diagnose the check engine light and possibly reset the ECU to fix the light. Streetdeck gives you graphical engine diagnostics to give you realtime feedback of whats going on under the hood.

Graphical XM Audio Interface
When combined with the XM package, The G4 features a new user-friendly interface with specific icons for channels and categories. Each of more than 120 XM Radio channels comes with a specific icon. This ensures easy channel identification. Channel categories also come with specific icons, for intuitive selection among corresponding channels. *Optional XM Package

Fully Customizable with Skins and Software Developement Kit

Rear View Camera Capability
Keep an eye on your backside using the optional Rear View Camera. While you're in reverse the rear-view camera can be in full screen.

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Product Code: SDK-014


Hard Drive*:



Satellite Radio:
XM Radio [Add $94.99]  (Subscription to XM Satellite Radio required.)

OBD-II Support (ElmScan 5) [Add $129.95]

Description Technical Specs
THE G4 IS FINALLY HERE! Introducing the industry revolutionizing G4! The G4 is a double-DIN sized, all-in-one multi-media computer system that uses a 40GB-250GB hard drive, to deliver a new world of entertainment, information, and convenience to all.
The much anticipated Mp3Car Infill G4 powered by StreetDeck! For the most up-to-date product information please visit the Infill G4 section of our forums. http://www.mp3car.com/vbulletin/mp3car-infill-g4-double-din-car-computer/

What's in the package:
  • Remote
  • Magnetic GPS antenna and interior mounting plate
  • Mounting Screws
  • Stylus
  • A/V breakout cable
  • USB Extention Cable
  • Harness to connect the unit to your speakers and for all other connections

Additional Parts (NOT Included) You may need for the Install:
  • Car Specific Double DIN Kit / Face Plate
  • Car Specific Wire Harness
  • Car Antenna Converter
Other Notes:
  • The rearview camera input is completely implemented in hardware. It is activated when it detects you are in reverse through the use of reverse geat detection wire and switches the display from the computer to the rearview camera. The computer does not have to be booted for this to work.
  • The screen has 7 different tilt angles. The angle is remembered when starting up and the screen completely closes when it is turned off. To tilt the screen, just press and hold anywhere in StreetDeck where there is not a button. If the top of the screen is pressed, the top tilts in, if the bottom is pressed, the bottom tilts in.
Features supported in StreetDeck:
  • BlueTooth
  • AM/FM Radio
  • GPS
  • DVD playback
  • CD playback
  • OBD-II scanning
  • Internet Radio
  • Navigation
  • You can set the color of the user interface to match your car.
  • Video Play Back