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  CarNetix CNX-P2140 185W Dual Output Intelligent DC-DC Regulator
Carnetix CNX-P2140 165W Dual Output Intelligent DC-DC Regulator

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See the P2140 product brief here.

The CNX-P2140 is a 185 watt intelligent DC-DC power regulator designed to provide safe, reliable power to today's newest CarPCs. This includes but not limited to the Mac mini classic, Intel Mac mini, Aopen Pandora, Xenarc, Cappuccino, and many other Pentium P4-based systems!

The P2140 provides two outputs. The primary output is jumper selectable for 12V, 18.5V, or 20V operation and can provide up to 11.3 amps (135 Watts) @ 12V, or 7.5 amps (150 watts) @ 20V. The secondary output is jumper selectable to provide either +12V to power your LCD screen (or 13.5V or experimental purposes), or +5V to power USB devices (such as the Audigy 2NX sound USB sound card) with up to 3 amps (15 Watts). The P2140 can accept battery input as low as 7.5 volts under full load during cranking while providing a well-regulated output so that your CarComputer does not crash.

The P2140 includes all of the sophisticated features of its predecessors (P1260, P1280, 1290, and P1900) such as Startup/Shutdown controller, Pulse Start (remotely start the P2140 with door locks, car alarm, or wireless device), and DelayON (prevents speaker "thump" during booting). The P2140 fully and safely supports "Standby" mode and will automatically shut itself down (by detecting excess current drain) if the CarComputer fails to properly go into Standby mode.

The P2140 is also designed to power larger systems that demand higher power, such as P4-based motherboards with full sized hard drives. The P2140 is fully compatible with the Travla C137 (90 watt and 120 models), the C138 (90 watt and 120 watt models) as well as the newer C158 (90 watt and 120 watt models) cases.!

In addition, the P2140 can be used with the Mac mini, Sumicom, Xenarc, IWill, and Cappucino models that require an 12v, 18.5v, or 20v power source.

Are you having trouble configuring your P2140 properly? Here are a few things to check:

First, the manual, which includes jumper settings and all kinds of helpful info. Pay special attention to the diagram and chart on page 11.

Second, if your P2140 has stopped working, please try reflashing to the latest firmware.

Third, try using the latest version of the PSUMoni software to interface with your P2140. You can adjust various settings and monitor the P2140 operation. Make sure you get the correct software for your operating system. Here's some instructions for installing it, and here is a place to download the software for XP, for Windows 7 (32 bit beta)***, and for Windows 7 (64 bit beta).***

*** This software is NOT yet fully functional for Windows 7 or 8.

For users having issues running PSUMoni software on Windows 7 systems, the Windows XP version of the software works when using Microsoft's Windows XP Mode which can be found at the following link: Windows XP Mode
  • Dual Output Regulator for automotive, RV, truck, taxi, and marine applications
  • Total output power up to 250 Watts (24Vin/20Vout) or 185 Watts (12Vin/20Vout)
  • Compatible with 12V OR 24V systems (auto ranging, no jumper changing)!
  • Jumper selectable main output of +12V/+18.5V/+20V
  • Primary output capable of up to 11 amps at +12V (130 watts) or 7.5 amps @ 20V (150 watts)
  • Jumper selectable secondary output of +12V/+13.5V or +5V at up to 3 amps (36 or 15 watts)
  • Optional 3rd output using CNX-P5V/15 watt regulator
  • Includes sturdy aluminum chassis and variable speed fan.
  • Survives Engine Cranking under full load over entire temperature range
  • Includes sophisticated Startup/Shutdown Controller (SSC) with USB interface to your CarComputer
  • Firmware upgrdable using USB port. No PIC programmer required!
  • Low battery monitor (user settable threshold) prevents drained battery, even during Standy/Sleep
  • "Anti Thump" delayed remote control (DLYON) for audio amplifiers (user settable delay time)
  • "Deadman Timer" to cut power if your system remains in sleep/standby for too long (user settable time)
  • Remote "Pulse Start" from wireless device or car alarm/remote start system
  • Over current protection on both outputs with graceful forced shutdown of main output
  • Powers both your computer (PC or Mac) AND your screen or USB devices
  • Compatible with Mac mini including startup/sleep mode
  • Compatible with Aopen Pandora Mini PC
  • Compatible with +12V or +19V Pentium-based systems such as Travla, Sumicom, Xenarc SC3 & SC8, Commell, Cappuccino, EZgo, and many others.
  • Full, safe support for Windows Standby mode including auto shutdown if PC fails to shutdown
  • Over voltage surge suppression on battery input for protection of harsh automotive environment
  • User replaceable fuse on battery input to protect your car from internal short circuits
  • Very compact design measuring 4.6" x 3.25" x 1.75" (L x W x H) or 117mm x 83mm x 45mm.

Finally, a product that takes the guesswork out of design, setup, and operation lets you SEE what's going on with all of the critical voltages, currents, and power measurements in your system! You can view real-time readings of important parameters and tweak your system for optimal performance in YOUR car with the included PSUmoni(tm) Power Supply Monitor windows application. The P2140 is by far the most intelligent power regulator on the market!

The P2140 is compatible with all of the latest mini PC/Mac systems including Mac mini, Intel Mac mini, Aopen Pandora Mini PC, Xenarc SC3, Xenarc SC8, Sumicom, Cappuccino, IWill, EZgo, and many others. The P2140 can also be used to power laptop computers or motherboards which include an onboard DC-DC regulator such as the Commell and VIA TC6000/10000.

FLEXIBILITY is the key word for the P2140. Using the PSUmoni interface you have full control over many of the critical operating parameters that used to drive you nuts!

  • Shutdown Delay Time
  • Deadman Timer
  • DLYON Time
  • Bootup Lockout Time
  • Shutdown Lockout Time
  • Low Battery Detection Threshold

In addition you get a REAL-TIME readout of

  • Battery Voltage
  • Battery (input) Current
  • Input Power Consumption
  • Primary Output Voltage
  • Primary Output Current
  • Primary Output Power
  • Secondary Output Voltage
  • Secondary Output Current
  • Secondary Output Power
  • Overall Output Power (Primary plus Secondary)
  • Overall Efficiency (Output Power/Input power)
  • Temperature

There are also digital indications of:

  • Ignition Status (On/Off)
  • Pulse Start Status (On/Off)
  • Fan Status (OK/Fail/Disabled)
  • DelayON Status (On/Off)
  • ACPI (Power Button) Status (On/Off)
  • Power Good (Regulator OK) Status (OK/Fail)
  • PS_ON (Regulator control) (On/Off)
  • USB Connection Status (Connected/Not Connected)

"Soft Jumpers" allow you to control:

  • Standby/Hibernate
  • Secondary Output ON (Ignition/DLYON)
  • Secondary Output OFF (PriOut/Ignition)
  • Fan (Enable/Disable)

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