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  Qube USB IO Controller for Windows, Mac, & Linux
Qube USB IO Controller for Windows, Mac, & Linux

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The Qube starts off as a very simple USB controller. You simply plug it into a USB port and a power outlet. It automatically detects on Windows, Mac, and Linux with no silly drivers to download or install. Since it is a generic HID device (like your keyboard or mouse), any programmer can write some very simple code to integrate the Qube into their own program.

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Using the software provided, there are tons of things to do with the Qube:
  • Use the high power outputs to switch relays. Connect these to a light switch or an extension cord to turn on/off appliances! Connect them to a motor driver and control any motor! Home Automation on the cheap! How about a Christmas light show?
  • Use the external interrupts to detect a sudden change in the environment. Hook these up to a sensor to detect the instant something changes! Hook them up to a keypad to detect button presses. Hook them up to an IR detector to read in remote control codes!
  • Use the 10 analog inputs to get sensor readings. Detect how bright it is outside, or how cold the temperature is! Figure out how much voltage is running through your project! Detect the water level to prevent your basement from flooding!
  • Use the serial module to connect to outside devices. Connect this to a special bluetooth accessory board to enable wireless communications. Control the Qube completely wirelessly from your jailbroken iPhone or iPod Touch. Attach the ethernet accessory board and connect your Qube to the internet! Control it from across the world anywhere you have internet access!
  • Use any of the 12 generic input / output nodes to control simple digital devices. Want to light up a simple LED for your next project? Control an accessory board from another company? Just set up one of the nodes to input or output and send your own signals down the line!
  • Use the 24 node PWM to create faded signals! Run this through a DAC and you have an analog signal on the other side! Pump the PWM into an LED and create interactive fading! Attach a simple sound driver and create variable frequency sounds!

Some features not be available in the first firmware release, but due to the USB Bootloader, you can update any time without pressing any buttons or unscrewing anything. New features and accessory boards will be available regularly!

Last but not least, the Qube is capable of running without a USB connection. Once you program the Qube, you can disconnect the USB cable and certain functions will happen automatically. If you want simple commands to execute based on an input or a timer, the Qube doesn't even need the computer to be attached! For example, use a switch on one node to toggle a relay on a high power node. Or better, detect a change on an interrupt node and send a notification to your iPhone!

The Qube uses very simple 4-pin connectors to attach various accessory boards, available in our store. It also features a very attractive black aluminum enclosure custom made especially for this product.

Please note:  This is a hobbyist grade product.  As such, limited or no documentation is included with it and advanced technical skill may be required to use it.  Help may be available on our forums or by contacting technical support at our store. However, as manufacturers of hobbyist grade products usually create them in their spare time, response time to technical questions can sometimes take extended periods of time.  By purchasing this product, you acknowledge these disclaimers.  

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