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Micro Shutdown Controller
Micro Shutdown Controller
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The uSDC or Micro-Shut-Down-Controller is an electronically controlled automotive power switching device. It is primarily designed for the purpose of starting up or shutting down a personal computer used in a motor vehicle. It interfaces with a computer motherboard's power switch header that would normally connect to the push-button switch on the front of a personal computer case.

Serial port for DSATX (Brainstem TTL to RS232 module)
Serial port for DSATX (Brainstem TTL to RS232 module)
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Mp3Car Description: This module is designed to provide a serial port control for the DSATX. It connects directly on the DSATX power supply and allows you to do things like tweak settings and monitor performance as well as update the firmware.

Factory Description: The new BrainStem connector. This connector plugs directly into a module and offers conversion from TTL to RS-232 levels. Included are indicator LED's for host serial power and stem logic power.

The interface connector has a female four pin connector on one end. On the other end is a female DB9 connector, which can plug into your Windows serial cable, or be used with the USB 1.1 to Serial Adapter which can be used with your Mac or Windows USB hub. The CTS and RTS lines are also connected and exposed although not used by the 4-pin BrainStem connector. These can be separately wired for other uses in your application.