Aopen Power Pac

$ 24.45

Worried about cutting up your Aopen Pandora Mini-PC power brick to complete your car-pc install? No need. The Aopen Power Cable kit is the first plug-and-play power kit designed to work with the Aopen Pandora Mini-PCs and Carnetix DC-DC regulators (P1900 and P2140). The kit comes with the power wiring kit as well as the power-button kit. The power wiring kit plugs into a Carnetix P1900 or P2140 regulator and it plugs directly to the power connection on the back of the Pandora Mini-PC giving you a quick way to install the PC in your car. The Power-button kit on the other hand allows you to retain the functionality of the power button on the Aopen case while allowing the Carnetix DC-DC regulator turn the PC on/off with the ignition. The Aopen Power Cable kit gives you the portability that Mac Mini users have enjoyed for a while. With this kit you won't need to cut your stock power brick, therefore you can port your PC between your house and your car without any wiring hassles.

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