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Carnetix CNX-P5V 15 Watt +5V Regulator

by CarNetix
Price $ 34.25

Upgrade your P1900 to include a 3RD regulated (+5V) output OR it can also be used as a stand-alone +5V/15 Watt Point Of Load (POL) supply

Now you can add a 3rd regulated output to your P1900! The P5V 5 volt regulator lets you power your Mac mini or Travla case (+18.5V), Screen (+12V), AND NOW... +5V USB devices with a switched power source. The P5V can provide 3+ amps for power hungry USB devices like Audigy 2NX sound card, WiFi, and GPS devices. The P5V is a "bolt-on" upgrade that requires no soldering when installed in the P1900. It is also controlled by the DLYON control of the P1900 so that you can safely power down your USB devices when you ignition is off.

The P5V is a small (.86" x 1.5", 22cm x 39cm) board that mounts inside the P1900 to take advantage of the heat dissipation capabilites of the chassis and fan. The P5V runs quiet and cool while easily providing over 3 amps of current: plenty for both a powered USB hub plus USB devices AND a USB soundcard. The P5V contains a thermal shutdown feature which automatically activates if you attempt to draw too much current.

The P5V installs easily into the P1900 using only a phillips screwdriver. The output wires may be attached to your existing hub power cable by simply connecting two wires.

The P5V can also be used as a stand-alone Point Of Load (POL) regulator for +5V devices. For applications that require more than about 1 amp, a small heatsink will be required (16 degC/Watt). Alternatively, the P5V could be attached to an existing metal chassis (the P5V mounting tab is at ground potential) instead of using a dedicated heatsink.

  • 15 Watt Regulator (+5V @ 3+ Amps)
  • Installs inside P1900 using just a Phillips screwdriver
  • Output is controlled by the DLYON signal from the P1900 so that USB devices are powered off when the ignition is turned off.
  • Very compact design (.86" x 1.5", 22cm x 39cm)
CNX-P5V Installation Manual Ver 1.2

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