Mini-Box Y-PWR, Hot Swap, Load Sharing Controller

$ 19.95

Y-PWR is a 20A, 30V ideal diode OR. Two power sources such as AC/DC adapters of equal voltage can be used to sum (load sharing) the output power into a single, high power channel. This versatile device can be used as a Hot Swap, Load Sharing / High Availability or Power Patch Controller resulting in a low loss, high efficiency solution for AC/DC and/or battery solution.

Usage example:
  • Two 12V 90 watt adapters (higher wattage OK) can be 'tied' together in order to produce a 12V 180watt output.
  • Two 12V 90 watt adapters can be used as a high availability (HA) power source solution. If one power source dies, Y-PWR will automatically switch the the next available source.
  • The Y-PWR board can be used to perform smooth transition in between AC/DC wall adapter and battery solution. AC/DC input source has to be always higher than battery voltage. NOTE: No battery charging solution is provided.
  • For more sophisticated operation, each channel can be fully blocked via control pins such as control from a microprocessor.
  • Multiple Y-PWR controllers can be tied together at the output to integrate larger amounts of power.
  • precision load sharing solution
  • hot swap / H.A. solution
  • 2 channels, 30V
  • 20 A output
  • 10A per channel, 15A peak
  • Low loss 3.9 MOhm / 20A MOSFETS
  • Each channel is fully blocked
  • Reduces power dissipation
  • No Reverse DC current
  • Multiple Y-PWR devices can be tied together
  • barrel type and miniFIT JR cables included

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