New Black BBX-1 Double Din Mini-ITX Carputer Enclosure With Front USB

$ 79.95

This new addition to its innovative line of double din enclosures, provides a practical solutions to the in-dash Mini-ITX embedded systems. Now you can not only install a Mini-ITX form factor board along with a 7" LCD panel, Power Supply and 2.5" Hard Drive, but also you can do it in your Double Din vehicle's dash. Keep your system ruining cool with the 40mm fan, create custom power connections with a 8 contact wire harness and take advantage of the convenient power out jack. USB 4-port supported (sold separately).
Mp3Car recommends the use of low power embedded boards (Intel Atom, etc.) be used with this case to eliminate the risk of overheating.
The BBX-1 is identical to its predecessor, the Nano ITX Enclosure, except for a new back plate extension that enlarges the enclosure to a Mini-ITX form factor standard. The 40mm fan allows for better airflow. It's fully compatible with most embedded Mini-ITX boards. A 2.5" hard drive can be conveniently secured under the top lid for easy access and an intelligent automotive PSU can be attached directly to the board's ATX connector. Although the BBX-1 can be utilized in multiple applications, it has been designed to fit in a double din space making it ideal for vehicles with enough clearance behing the dash.
Mini-ITX Black Box enclosure8 contact power harnessMini-USB Port40mm 12V cooling fan12V Dc Jack to Molex adapter1 IR sensor with 6" flat cable extended pre-soldered4 PC board support hardware and screws4 Hard drive screwsLCD panel and controller board support hardwareBasic installation guide6.5" Sata left angle cable6 insulated male quick connectors6 insulated female quick connectorsInstallation Guide


High resistance ABS plastic and galvanized steel back plate

Dimensions (external)

212 mm (D) x 100 mm (H) x 177 mm (W) / LCD fame 104 mm (H)

Dimensions (internal)

207 mm (D) x 94.5mm (H) x 173.5mm (W)


Rugged texture enclosure / Satin Black or Medium Gray


Mini-ITX form factor (Low heat embedded boards recommended)

Hard drive support

2.5" SATA

Cooling system

1 x 40mm fan

LCD panel

7" Lilliput EBY701 and 629GL / 7" Innolux AT070TN83, 84 (not included)

Power supply

M3 ATX Intelligent automotive PSU recommended (not included)

Front access

Mini-USB port


DC 12V (refer to your PSU)

Box contents

Case includes:

Mini-ITX Black Box enclosure

8 contact power harness

Mini-USB Port

40mm 12V cooling fan

12V Dc Jack to Molex adapter

1 IR sensor with 6" flat cable extended pre-soldered

4 PC board support hardware and screws

4 Hard drive screws

LCD panel and controller board support hardware

Basic installation guide

6.5" Sata left angle cable

6 insulated male quick connectors

6 insulated female quick connectors

Package weight

3.0 Lb

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