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  Mimics Frame - Ultimate iPhone in-your-car Experience
MimiX Frame - Ultimate iPhone in-your-car Experience

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   Please allow 5 business days for assembly of Silver and Medium Silver colors.

Mimics Cable Option:

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Mimics Dash allows you to operate an iPhone via a touch screen monitor installed in your vehicle.  After installing Mimics Dash, simply plug your iPhone in each time you enter your vehicle and enjoy the convenience of all of your iPhone's apps, music, phone, and navigation features on a safe, easy-to-use touch screen monitor.  By bridging the gap between your iPhone and your car, Mimics becomes the ultimate in-car entertainment system. 

Here's how it works:  The touch interface is interpreted by the module, which is powered by the Lilliput monitor using the included barrel power input connector, and then transmitted via Bluetooth to your iPhone.  Genius! Now you can control your phone from the monitor! Supply the monitor with your choice of iPhone video cables and you're ready to go.  The Module draws power from the Lilliput monitor, and video is supplied to the monitor via the Apple HDMI dock connector (optional).  Audio is supplied to your aftermarket amplifier* via the 3.5mm jack on your iPhone (optional).    Choose the Mimics Cable Option and you’ll receive all of the cables necessary to get video and audio out from your phone and be able to charge while driving. 

Made specifically for your vehicle, Mimics Dash is engineered to be an easy install (or have your local car stereo shop do it for you):

1.  Remove your existing dash panel

2.  Install the Mimics Dash

3.  Install an aftermarket amplifier* of your choice

4.  Connect the Mimics Cable kit and you're ready to go

Mimics Features via your iPhone
  • iPod
  • Pandora
  • AM/FM Radio
Voice Control
  • Call your friends
  • Play / Pause any music
  • Create genius playlists
  • Auto dim music
  • Voice turn-by-turn
  • Hundres of GPS options
Web Browser
  • Touch friendly UI
  • Flick to scroll
  • Intelligent keyboard
  • Hands free calling
  • Call using voice control
  • Touch friendly UI
Social Networking
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Foursquare
  • At a glance email
  • Alerts for new mail
  • Touch friendly UI
Engine Diagnostics
  • Get live MPGs
  • Record GPS tracks
  • Reset check engine light
iPhone App Requirements

In order to utilize Mimics, jailbreaking your iPhone is required.  Once jailbroken, you'll need to download some or all of the following apps. Please remember these are not included in the price of Mimics. 


1.  Mimics Driver (free)

2.  SB Rotator ($1.99)

3.  Display Out ($2.99)


1.  Landscape Lock ($1.00)

2.  Scrolling Board ($1.50)

Cable Option

This includes everything you'll need to connect your iPhone to your Mimics monitor and amplifier*.  All of the necessary cables needed to get video and audio out from your phone and be able to charge while driving are included in this kit.


1  Apple digital A/V dock connector

1  iPhone dock connector to USB

1  USB cigarette lighter charger

1  3.5mm to dual RCA cable

2  RCA female to dual RCA male cable


Mimics is a hobbyist grade product.  Its installation and use may require some technical skills and abilities on the part of the customer.  While each installation and use application differs, most require significant customization, including but not limed to hardware/ software configuration, the purchase, installation and use of additional products not included (amplifier, cabling, etc), and substantial reconfiguration of the mobile device interfacing with Mimics.  These standards for compatibility change regularly and without warning; we are unable to guarantee continued compatibility with future software, firmware, and hardware updates that are not released for your mobile device.  

Additionally, while mp3Car stands behind the products that we sell and always aspire to offer the most up-to-date and effective technical support for all our products, we also want customers to be aware that we are not responsible for complications that arise due to the installation and use of Mimics.  We are not liable for damages done to life or property as a result of this product's use, nor are we responsible for any damages incurred through its installation.  Mp3Car is also not responsible for any Mimics-related actions that may be in violation of local, state, or national laws, such as the operation of a touch screen while operating a motor vehicle.  

For additional information in what type of customization is required for Mimics, please consult the product's documentation.  If you have further questions, please feel free to contact mp3Car for clarification.  

Through its purchase, the customer recognizes these product limitations, particularly in this phase of development that could be considered early or 'beta,' and agrees to policies outlined in this disclaimer.  We appreciate your understanding of the issues surrounding this new and very exciting product.  

The Mimics is in 'Beta'

As such, the Mimics has these known problems.  Mp3Car will not honor returns for the following issues:

1.  Mimics requires the use of a Cydia app called Display Out.  Screen flickering has been observed on occasion and has been attributed to this app.  In order to fix this issue, one must go into the Display Out settings and switch the display resolution from 640 x 480 to a different setting and then back to 640 x 480.  Additionally, flickering can sometimes be fixed by unplugging the dock connector and reconnecting it to your iPhone. 

2.  Currently, the Mimics will display the same image as your phone.  Landscape apps will appear in landscape mode on your screen only if your phone is held in landscape.  Portrait apps will appear sideways.  An app called "Landscape Lock" can help with this problem by locking an app that has both landscape and portrait modes in landscape.  This app will not help with apps that only have portrait mode. 

3.   Incoming callers will sound clear through your car speakers.  However, incoming callers to your phone will hear an echoing of their voice when speaking to you. Noise canceling apps have not shown to help remedy this problem. 

4.  Bluetooth headset pairing is not possible with Mimics.  Mimics pairs with your phone via Bluetooth and it is not possible to connect an additional headset when paired with Mimics.  


1.  Jailbreaking your iPhone is required to use Mimics.  If you're not familiar with this process, please try doing this before your order and install Mimics.  Jailbreaking can require highly technical skills and a bit of research to complete the process successfully.  If you're not comfortable jailbreaking your iPhone, please do not order Mimics.  Mp3Car will not be held liable for problems that occur during this process or be able to help with technical support issues related to the jailbreaking process.  

2.  Mimics requires the installation of an external amplifier to power your speakers.  As with any external amplifier installation, it is important to note that noise can be introduced into your system.  To avoid this, properly grounding all electronics in your vehicle including the new amplifier and Mimics is necessary.  You may need to ground these devices directly to your battery and/or use ground loop isolators.   You can read more about troubleshooting noise on our forums.  

Mimics is brought to you by

*not included

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