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4 Channel Input Isolator and Voltage Divider

by Fusion
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This is a dual function board with 4 separate and independent channels to connect to your Fusion Brain. You can connect up to 4 voltage sources to each of these boards. First the onboard voltage divider will scale the voltage lower, then feed it through an isolator, and on the other end the Fusion Brain will read it as a 0v to 5v number. If for any reason something bad happens on the input side (such as a large voltage spike) the isolator channel will be damaged but your Fusion Brain will be protected.

By using a jumper, you can select either 15v mode or 7v mode without any additional components. 15v mode is good for car use as most cars' charging circuits output between 13.8v and 14.4v (depending on make/model). Since all the inputs are isolated, you can use this to monitor battery banks in your house or car. By using the Fusion Brain to monitor your solar and/or wind battery banks, you gain access to all the advanced features of our software including remote internet monitoring and data logging. Electric vehicle owners will appreciate a simple and accurate system for monitoring and logging their battery banks in real time as well.

The extra space on the board allows it to be fully configurable with the addition of 1-2 resisters per channel. Generally you would only need to add 1 additional resistor if your monitoring range is not included in the 15v or 7v modes. You can add larger or smaller resistor values to the empty space to increase or decrease the value that the board will step down accurately.

Each channel requires x1 2pin female/bare-wire cable for the input as well as x1 3pin female/female to connect to one of the Fusion Brain's analogue input ports all of which are included in the price.

Each 4 Channel Input Isolator and Voltage Divider Includes:
  • Main Unit
  • 4 3pin female/female
  • 4 2pin female/bare-wire cable
  • 4 jumpers
Please note: This is a hobbyist grade product. As such, limited or no documentation is included with it and advanced technical skill may be required to use it. Help may be available on the mp3Car forums or by contacting technical support at our store. However, as manufacturers of hobbyist grade products usually create them in their spare time, response time to technical questions can sometimes take extended periods of time. By purchasing this product, you acknowledge these disclaimers.

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