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DC-Powered 4-Port USB Hub CNX-P5USB (12v and 24v systems)

by CarNetix
Price $ 54.95
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The CarNetix CNX-P5USB is a DC-powered 4-port USB hub designed for automotive or embedded DC-powered applications. The P5USB includes and internal DC-DC regulator so that each of the 4 USB ports can provide up to 500mA of current to the downstream USB devices. The P5USB can be used in either a +12V or +24V automotive environment. It will operate down to 7V (survives engine cranking) and can withstand voltage transients typically found in a harsh automotive environment.

The DC input includes reverse polarity protection, transient suppression, and an internal in-line, self-resetting fuse. A self-locking power cable is included. The P5USB can be turned ON or OFF either by the cars ignition line or by sensing the presence of +5V on the upstream host USB device (PC). This helps prevent battery discharge when the PC is left in Standby for extended periods of time. The P5USB includes an Shutdown Delay jumper which can be set to allow the P5USB to remain on for either 5 minutes or 25 minutes after the Ignition is turned off. This prevents the loss of USB connectivity during short stops if the PC is left running.

The CNX-P5USB can be used in a variety of automotive, embedded, marine, mobile, or industrial applications that require the use of a DC power source (ie battery, solar). The internal DC-DC converter can stabilizes a source voltage from as low as 7 volts up to 32 volts and provide a clean +5V output for the connected USB devices. Each downstream USB port is independently current limited and provides an LED indication of USB enumeration. The P5USB comes in a compact plastic enclosure that measures 5.12 x 2.84 x 1.1 and includes mounting tabs. The P5USB does require a USB input voltage to be recognized (i.e. plugged into a computer) to turn on. USB 2.0 Ports 4
  • Self-Powered USB 2.0 Ports 4
  • Max Current Per Port 500mA
  • Indivual Port Current Protection Yes
  • Indivual Port LEDs Yes

Operating Temperature

  • Max Temperature (Deg C) 60 C
  • Minimum Temperature (Deg C) 0 C

DC (Power) Input

  • Internal DC-DC Regulator Yes
  • Minimum (VDC) 7
  • Maximum (VDC) 32
  • Battery Overvoltage/Surge Protec- Yes
  • Battery Reverse Polarity Protec- Yes
  • Internal In-Line Fuse Yes
  • Internal Self-Resetting Fuse Yes
  • Power LED Yes
  • Locking Power Cable Included Yes

Input Current

  • Idle - Regulator OFF, USB not 2.5 mA
  • Regulator On - USB not connected 6 mA
  • Regulator On - USB connected - 98 mA

Special Automotive Features

  • Designed for Automotive Applica- Yes
  • Jumper selectable ON/OFF Yes
  • Delayed Shutdown (5 min, 25 min) Yes
  • 12V or 24V Operation Yes
  • Engine Crank Survival Yes
  • Battery transient suppression Yes
  • Battery Reverse Polarity Protec- Yes

Dimensions and weight:

  • Weight 4.3 oz
  • Width 5.12 "
  • Height 1.10 "
  • Depth 2.84 "

Warranty 1 Year


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