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MacPac Power Cable Kit For the Mac Mini (Excludes Unibody Mac Mini)

by CarNetix
Price $ 24.95
A "plug and play" power cable kit for your Mac mini! No more cable splicing!!

Carnetix is pleased to announce the only "plug-and-play" power cable solution for the Apple Mac mini and your CarComputer application! The "MacPac" power cable kit connects your mini to the CNX-CA-P1900 or CNX-P2140 DC-DC regulator to provide a quick and simple automotive installation. You are no longer required to cut and splice your Apple AC adapter (brick). The MacPac provides a pre-wired cable between the regulator (P1900 or P2140) and the Mac mini, and includes all power and control signals necessary for full automatic startup and shutdown of the mini. The MacPac is fully compatible with the original Mac mini as well as the new Intel-based mini.

The main white power cable is ~3' from the mac mini power connector. This means your mac mini can be about ~3' from your Carnetix device. Custom cable extensions should be possible to create but will void your warranty.

NOTE: This Cable package is designed to work with Mac Minis manufactured before June 2010 (excludes Unibody Mac Minis).

The MacPac kit includes a Y-cable adapter that is installed between the mini's power button and the motherboard. This allows you continue to use the original Mac mini power button as well as the P1900. The MacPac and Y-cable allow you to easily remove the Mac mini from the car so that you can take the mini inside for software tweaking or updates. When indoors simply use the AC adapter that came with your mini.

The MacPac also provides access to the P1900 or P2140 secondary output, DelayOn amp control, and ground via seperate wires.

This kit includes an additional few parts not previously included with older Mac Pacs to fit your new Mac Mini. As the connector is a bit intricate, here are some detailed instructions on how to install this inside your Mini.

  • Please consult our PDF guide to open your Mac Mini here.
  • Your new Mac Mini has a different type of motherboard connector than depicted in this document.
  • You need to remove the power button cable from the mother board vertically. It looks as though you might move it horizontally (along the same plane as the motherboard), but this is incorrect and you could damage the board. The cable connector is very delicate, so be especially careful during this step.
  • Once you remove the cable from the motherboard, attach it to the small PCB board included in your kit to J2.
  • There is another approximately 1.5" cable included in the kit. Attach one end of this cable to J3 on the same PCB board. Attach the other end to the motherboard the same way you removed the factory cable.
  • Attach the Mac Mini cable to J1 on this PCB board.
  • Close the Mac Mini and you should be all set.
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