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Mp3Car DSATX 220 Watt Automotive Power Supply

by Mucha
Price $ 164.63
Right out of the box the DSATX is very easy to use. It ships with the default easy to use configuration so that anyone can hook it up to their car system.

When you are ready to take it to the next level, the DSATX has an advanced Serial Port Interface that allows you to connect the DSATX to a serial port. Using an Acroname USB or RS232 translator (Purchased separately) the DSATX can be programmed or monitored. Settings that are programmed over the serial port stay in the memory even after power is completely disconnected from the DSATX.

The DSATX has a simple Character Command interface that put the DSATX into different modes. It also has a simple programming dialog routine to set basic configuration. The DSATX also has an advanced API for configuring a vast range of the DSATX's control routines allowing ultimate flexibility.

(Warning: Warranty is void if sticker is removed from bottom.)

Product Includes:

  • 1x DSATX 220 Watt ATX DC-DC Power Supply
  • 1x DSATX Cable Kit
  • 1x 9" 20pin ATX Power Cable with 2 HDD Power Connectors and 1 Floppy Connector
  • 1x 12" 4 pin ATX 12V Power Cable (CPU Power Cable)
  • 2x 0.1" Shunt Jumpers
  • 1x 24" 2-pin to 2-pin MotherBoard Power Switch Cable
  • 3x Insolated Terminal Ring Crimp/Solder Connectors 12-10AWG
Input Voltage (Operating) 6-24 Volts Non-Regulated
Input Voltage (Full Load) 8-16 Volts Non-Regulated
Input Current 20 Amps Max
Output Power 220 Watts Max
No Load Operating Current < 70mA
Sleep Current (All Rails Off) < 4mA
Efficiency > 95%
Individual Supply Outputs Max Output Current
5.0 Volts +/- 2% 12 Amps Nominal, 13 Amps Peak
3.3 Volts +/- 2% 10 Amps Nominal, 11 Amps Peak
12.0 Volts +/- 2% 12 Amps Nominal, 15 Amps Peak
5.0 Volts Standby +/- 2% 1.5 Amps
-12.0 Volts +/- 10% 100 mA

Additional product information:

Owner's Manual

Please note:

Mp3Car will not provide tech support in regards to use and set-up of this product. Customers are expected to use the Mp3Car forums for assistance in these areas. A good place to start is the Mp3Car Power Supply sub-forum. Registration on the forums is easy and free

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