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Sunlight Readable Industrial Grade 7" VGA Touch Screen Monitor Inelmatic

by The mp3Car Store
Price $ 599.95
  • Inelmatic XF700HB-USVA2
  • High brightness 600nits
  • Power 9-30V meets car/truck requirements including noise/spikes filters.
  • Sunlight Readable Optically Bonded
  • 2 Year Limited Warranty through Inelmatic

Our Industrial Grade Sunlight Readable VGA 7" Touch Screen Monitor is a perfect fit in applications where durability and readability are of paramount importance. Applications include personal vehicles, public transportation vehicles (buses, taxis, public fleet), public service vehicles (police, fire, ambulance, and other public fleet) and any other situation where a small footprint and image quality are important. This monitor performs well even in direct sunlight or strong ambient light. Our XF700 is LED backlight, optically bonded, and has very high brightness (600nits).

It includes a video scaler chipset supporting VESA from 640x480 and up to 1024x728 including the native resolution 800x480. The touch panel has a USB?interface.

In addition, the XF700 includes the latest generation of LED?backlighting, with passive enhancement to achieve high brightness, while allowing the lowest possible power consumption. Additionally, the dimmer allows one the possibility of matching the brightness to the ambient light. This makes the display able to work in the darkest conditions without disturbing the driver?s visibility. It also allows high brightness for intense lighting environments.

Inelmatic XF700HB-USVA2
High brightness
Ultra-low power LED backlight.
Sun-readable available.
5 Step backlight dimmer.
Auto power on/off by VGA signal.
Native resolution 800x480px input mode.
One composite video input.
One composite video input with mirror option.
All in one cable, 2.5 and 4.5m length options.
Power 9-30V, meets car/truck requirements, including noise/spikes filters.
Ultra low power consumption.
Wide temperature range.
Shock/Vibration proof.
Aluminum chassis and rear side.
Optically Bonded
LED backlight
2 Year Limited Warranty through Inelmatic

Aspect 16:9
Colors 256K
Native Resolution 800 x 480
VGA Modes 640 x 480 to 1024 x 768 (incl. 800 x 480)
Contrast 500:1
Inputs VGA
Audio 2 x 1W (stereo)
Touch Panel Resistive 4 Wires. Endurance > 2M
Power Supply 9-30VDC automotive suitable
Power Consumption 6W
Dimensions 183mm x 125mm x 31mm
Enclosure Aluminum Rear Chassis, PVC-ABS Front Chassis
Operating Environment -20C to 70C max (-10C to 60C Continuous)
Storage Temperature -30C to 80C
Vibration 1G 2-500Hz
Shock 20G 11ms
Drop 10cm Max

Extended Information
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Power suppy: main power supply. Connect this line to 10A fused vehicle battery.
VGA input: computer or any device with VGA output.
USB Touch: touch controller HMI USB client.
Audio input R: Audio input Right chanel.
Audio input L: Audio input Left chanel.
Rear camera input: There are two ways to switch to the rear camera input. Default function is ?1?.
Switch automatically when video signal is detected.
Orange wire: Apply 12V positive source to switch to the rear camera input.

Instruction Manual

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