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Ultrasonic Distance Sensor

by Maxbotix
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The Ultrasonic distance sensor consists of a ultrasonic transducer mounted on a small PCB, with mounting holes. It can detect objects 0-in. to 254-in. (6.45-meters), and range objects 6-in. to 254-in. (6.45 meters). Ultrasonic sensors are more of a shotgun distance sensor, as opposed to the 'laser beam' IR distance sensor. Use the IR distance sensor for targeted distance measurement, and the ultrasonic distance sensor for wide-range applications. Car based applications include, backup sensors, parking sensors, curb sensors, and more. Home automation applications include room monitoring, garage parking sensors, and more.

Includes 1m (3ft) cable.
Please note: This product may require advanced technical skills to use it. Help may be available on the mp3Car forums or by contacting the mp3Car store. By purchasing this product, you acknowledge these disclaimers.

Manufacturer is MaxBotic Inc.
DatasheetFor more information, drivers or software visit the Fusion Control Centre or the Fusion Brain section on the Mp3Car forums.

2.1 cm x 2cm.
The sensor is 1.3cm high off the circuit board for a total height of 1.6cm

*Please note that this is a Hobbyist Grade product. As such, this product has a learning curve and requires that the customer be willing and able to research and learn how to use this product on their own. The Mp3Car Store will not provide technical support regarding how to use this product. However, there is a wealth of information on the Mp3Car Forums in the Fusion Brain section and the Fusion Brain creators are online to provide more information.

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